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How edYOUcators got started... 



One night somewhere on the Upper West Side of New York, five Columbia University graduate students got together and expressed their frustration at the lack of reliable yet affordable essay editing services. They discovered that many of their own friends came to them with essays that had already been revised by editing "professionals" who charged much more than what they should be charging, but with unsatisfying results -- they simply weren’t enough.

‘What makes a good essay?’ they asked each other. Creativity. Ideas. Clarity. Structure. Voice. A way with words. Answers were thrown around, and they quickly realized that a good essay required all of those things. And so they decided to join forces. >> Meet the team 

WHY edYOUcators? 

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What we believe...



Is a Remarkable Idea Good Enough for an Essay? 


As individuals already heavily involved in higher education, edYOUcators seeks to provide optimal editing services. At edYOUcators, we don’t believe that a remarkable idea for an essay is good enough. Nor is perfect grammar or a memorable hook. A good essay is an essay that causes a shift to occur in the reader - the reader begins to question or challenge existing ideas. A good essay reads not like an essay, but like a conversation - a conversation with the reader. Or simply put, a good essay is one that the reader will remember years later because of the way it speaks to them.


Clear Communication and Different Editing for Each Individual!  


We at edYOUcators believe that in order to reach that aim, it is crucial that clear communication take place and that we know exactly what your needs are. More than ten years of essay editing experience may have trained us to know what a reader is looking for, but we also acknowledge that each individual is different and so our utmost priority is to cater to you.  


Our Editors/Consultants Care About Our Clients' Essays! 


As writing and teaching professionals, we understand that each essay has a lot riding on it, and we respect that. Our editing process involves the five of us getting together and discussing how we can meet your needs, but at the same time producing a piece that we feel is professional and ready to send off to the academic or professional institution of your choice. After much debate (and coffee) we allow the ideas and the draft to sit for a bit and go over it again (writing is a long process!). In this way, we know that we are guaranteeing the best possible service there is and so that you know that your essay is in good hands.