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Meet our main editors and consultants! 




A graduate of Cornell University and a current graduate student at Columbia University, Isaac has worked extensively with high school and college students with college application essays as well as essays for graduate schools.

Drawing from his own personal experience of successfully being admitted to several Ivy League universities, Isaac's strength lies in effectively coaching students to analytically and critically assess their potentials and conveying them in a creative manner in their essays. Isaac has worked in many countries, which has equipped him with the prowess to efficaciously work with students from different cultures. In his leisure time, he enjoys petting his unicorn in a Harry Potter costume. 



MK wrote her first book when she was twelve, sent it to a well-known publishing company, and is still waiting to hear back from the agency almost two decades later. While waiting, she completed a Masters degree in Creative Writing and is currently a PhD student in Teaching of English at Columbia University. She has been teaching in New York City public schools for five years and is particularly interested in examining how writing allows students to explore and navigate their experiences and unique backgrounds in a way that is creative yet critical.


A passionate believer in communities of writing and social consciousness, she has been organizing and teaching writing workshops to diverse students in New York; from athletes to students K-12. Her lifelong quest to encourage students to “tell the story,” whether it be through digital media, rap, or poetry, has led her to believe that with a little prodding, everyone is a writer deep at heart.



Andrea comes with a decade of experience in proofreading college and graduate school application essays, including ones aiming for medical school, law school, and business school. Prior to enrollment at Columbia University, Andrea accumulated seven years of professional experience in a variety of different organizations -- she was an official English editor and speechwriter for the Korean government, an undertaker of pro bono projects for an international NGO that exposed her to 25 different countries, and a public affairs associate for a governmental organization in Washington, D.C.


Specializing in interview preparation, speech writing, and essay brainstorming, Andrea has honed her ability to succinctly convey people’s opinions in speech and writing through unique opportunities such as co-authoring a book, paneling sessions at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and winning national debate tournaments. Whenever time allows, Andrea likes to capture the world from behind her camera lens and imagine she operates a restaurant; she’ll feed you like your grandmother!



Steven has been with edYoucators from the beginning. He spent three years working in China, where he helped students realize their dreams of studying in internationally renowned universities. Over the past several years, he has proofread countless resumes, essays, and personal statements for students applying to a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs. He likes to be fully invested in the applicants he works with, and takes pride in helping them get into some of the top universities in the world.


Steven received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame and his MA in International Educational Development from Columbia University in 2014. Steven is known to eat peanut butter as a meal.

Natalie (MBA Specialist)


As an MBA candidate of Columbia Business School, Natalie knows the in and out of applying for the top MBA schools, especially from the perspective of an international student. With an interest in consulting and extensive experience in global marketing for one of the world’s largest retail giants, Natalie joins the team to provide know-how and feedback on recent MBA application trends. She has coached numerous successful MBA applicants and looks forward to empowering more people. A national debate champion, ardent lover of fashion and a social event-organizing guru, Natalie is a multi-talented consultant for edYOUcators!







Summer has been an English editor for two years and was an English tutor for seven years as a part-time job besides her career in the International Affairs field. She has helped numerous international students with English essays and academic writing including Statement of Purposes and research papers. Through her editing experience with international students, she has gained expertise in understanding and satisfying the needs of international students in English writing.


She currently works for an international NGO and a social enterprise. She earned her MA degree in International Educational Developed at Columbia University. Prior to that, her career was rife with global business interactions with leaders from a variety of countries, taking care of international affairs and protocol. Especially, she recruited international students from 16 different countries at an engineering school that for which she worked. This turned out to be a great asset in recognizing international students’ unique needs for assistance from domestic staff.