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Our approach to assisting clients with essays, applications, presentations, and translations allows them to realize dreams and experience success.


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Mike K.

Magic Polishing 1

"Thank you so much. I love the essay! I appreciate everything!"

March 2016


Magic Polishing 2

Your essay edits are awesome! Especially, I would like to thank MK who edited my essays. I will make sure I spread the word about your service! Also,  if I heard some great news, I will let you guys know!

October 2014

Y.L. M.

Magic Polishing 2

"최종수정된거 확인했구요~ 모두 맘에 들어요~~ 너무 잘 써주신 것 같아요.  잘 완성된것 같아 만족입니다 ! 마지막까지 꼼꼼이 잘 도와주셔서 감사드려요~~^^"

"I like all the edits you made! My essay transformed into a very well-written piece of writing. Thanks for paying attention to even the smallest details. :) "

August 2014 

Hyosung P., Ph.D. applicant

" 안녕하세요~ 첨부해 주신 영작SOP 잘 확인했습니다.  매끄럽게 잘 진행이 되었네요~!! 두서없이 쓴 글을 이렇게 바꿔 주시다니 감사합니다.~!! 추천서 부탁드릴 교수님께도 제 공부방향에 대해 명확히 알려드릴 수 있게 된 것 같습니다. 감사합니다.내년에 제 아내도 미국 대학원 Apply를 할 계획인데, 그때 꼭 edYOUcators를 방문하라고 추천할께요."


"Hello, I checked out the SOP you edited and the flow of my essay was very smooth. Thank you so much for editing my writing -- I know it was initially somewhat disorganized, but now I have no problem explaining to my people who I will ask for a letter of recommendation about what I would like to conduct my research on. Thank you again! When my wife applies to graduate school next year, I will absolutely recommend edYOUcators to her!" 

November 2013

Limhyung K.

"아침에 일어나자 마자 확인했습니다. 엉망진창이었던 글이 이렇게 풍부하고 읽기 편한 글이 될 수 있나 싶어 감동이었습니다. 다시한번 제 고민을 해결해 주어서 감사해요. 실은 주변에 영어 선생님과 원어민 등에게 부탁도 했었지만 한계가 너무 많아 다 폐기하고 처음부터 다시 제가 작성하고 그 다음 EdYOUcators에게 에디팅을 부탁한 것이었어요. 생각보다 마음 고생도 하고 시간도 걸렸는데 쉽게 해결됬습니다. 감사해요." 



"I checked my email as soon as I woke up. I was very impressed because edYOUcators really captured the essence of what I wanted to say. Once again, I really thank you for helping me with my essay. I previously asked another so-called professional as well as native English speakers, but they weren't able to capture my thoughts perfectly. I started from scratch and asked edYOUcators to edit my essay and within a few hours, I was able to receive an essay that met my expectations. Thank you so much!" September 2013


Suhyun P.

 "Precise and to-the-point comments with detailed revision; you helped me tremendously in getting into a top tier Ivy League business school. You managed to deliver my story the way I intended as if you were reading my mind."

September 2012

Sara J.

"I am blown away by your [edYOUcators'] services. Not only did you perfectly render my thoughts, but you also brought a professional and poised voice to my words."

October 2013

David W.

"edYOUcators has been really helpful in revising my essays. Your feedback made me look at my own writing from a different perspective. On top of that, I learned a lot of practical terminology and expressions! Thank you for being willing to spend time with me and walk me through the process. All I can say is that edYOUcators is the best team one could hope for!"

October 2013

Michelle K.

"My editor revised my essays as if they were her own. She tried to understand me and how I would want the essay to turn out. After seeing her work, I only trust edYOUcators with my essays." 

September 2013

Zheng Z.

"The best an advisor can do is to share risks with you. Before I went to your company [edYOUcators], I had an idea of opening up my personal statement with a poem. my editor's reaction to this was neither irresponsible flattery or a blind heed for caution -- he really put himself in the same boat with me. He was not only interested in my original idea, but  also took the pains to hold long conversations with me, going through the overall flow of my personal statement. Based on careful analysis and insight, I was able to stand out, but also express myself effectively."

October 2013

Hyoyoung S.

"대학원에 합격한 후 가장 먼저 한 일은 담임교수께 합격을 결정하는 가장 큰 요인이 무엇인지 물어보는것이었습니다. 교수님께서 주저없이 잘 써진 에세이라고 말씀하셨을 때 저는 다시 한번 edYOUcators에게 감사했습니다. 짧은 문법과 단어로 어설프게 쓴 에세이를 수준높고 고급스러운 어휘들로 바꾸어 주신 덕분에 합격했다고 해도 결코 과언이 아닐 정도로 만족스러운 에세이였습니다. 단순히 에세이를 매끄러운 문장으로만 바꾸어 주는 것이 아니라 심사관이 무엇을 읽고 싶어하는지를 정확히 파악하고 지적인 문체로 바꾸는 라이팅 스킬이 edYOUcators의 가장 큰 장점이라고 자부합니다. 감사합니다!" 

  "The first thing I did after being accepted to my graduate program was ask my professor what the deciding factor in my admissions decision was. Without any hesitation, he told me that my well-written essay had persuaded the admissions office to accept me. Not only did the professionals at edYOUcators polish my sentences, but they knew exactly what admissions officers were looking for and transformed my simply written essay into a sophisticated piece of writing. Thank you, edYOUcators!"

October 2012

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