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Reframe Your Writing For Results


If you are confident about the content of your writing, but not sure if it is effectively organized and polished, let us do it for you! We not only proofread your essay, but we also polish your essay's structure and tone, giving constructive feedback on the content of your writing.


Magic Polishing 1 includes: 

  • Proofreading 

  • Overall essay structure 

  • Changes in tone 

  • Constructive feedback on the content 

  • One edit 



Standard:        3 business days (EST)

Express:          24 hours 


Words               Pricing

0-600                Standard: $119, Express: $169

601-1200          Standard: $149, Express $199 

1201-1800        Standard: $179, Express: $229 

1801-2400        Standard: $209, Express: $259

This is our most basic service. If you are satisfied with the structure and content of your essay, we will go through it and make sure your grammar, word choice and sentence structure are appropriate.


Proofreading includes:

  • Fixing grammatical errors

  • Assisting with word choice

  • Editing sentence structures

  • One edit


Standard:         3 business days (EST)

Express:           24 hours 


Words               Pricing 

0-600                Standard: $49, Express: $99

601-1200          Standard: $79, Express $129 

1201-1800        Standard: $109, Express: $159 

1801-2400        Standard: $139, Express: $189 


Any kind of writing, especially application essays, SOPs,
recommendation letters and 
cover letters!


This is the service we strongly recommend to those who do not know if all the necessary information is included in their writing. We make sure all the content needed is included to ensure your writing is appealing and written in a professional manner. After correcting the draft you send us, we will email you with questions about information that is missing from your writing. After you respond to our questions, we do a final polishing incorporating your answers into the essay.

>> Click to see detailed process 


Magic Polishing 2 includes:

  • Proofreading

  • Structure 

  • Tone 

  • Strengthening the content through an email consultation  

  • Two to three revisions



Duration: 5-7 business days 

                 including 1 day for your feedback 


                 Words               Pricing

                 0-600                $169

                 601-1200          $209 

                 1201-1800        $249 

                 1801-2400        $289 


This is our premium service. Through two Skype or Google consultations and two editions, we will work with you through the entire essay writing process from brainstorming to final revision. We will use our experience to ensure that your essay has all the necessary information and the content is strong. Then we will work to make sure you present your ideas in the best way possible.


The Works includes:

  • Brainstorming the entire writing process

  • Two video consultations

  • Two to three revisions 


     Duration: 10 - 15 business days


                 Words               Pricing

                 0-600                $309

                 601-1200          $359

                 1201-1800        $409

                 1801-2400        $459

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Do you need translation services for your writing? 
 We provide Korean-to-English and Chinese-to-English translation services for essays.
 Please contact us or email us at info@edyoucators.com for this service.  

"Precise and to-the-point comments with detailed revision; you helped me tremendously in getting into a top tier Ivy League business school. You managed to deliver my story the way I intended as if you were reading your mind."  >> Read more 

Suhyun P. MBA applicant

September, 2012